Item# CD12-OAK

Action Figures / Figurines Shadow Box Wall Curio Display Cabinet Case -Oak Finish


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The display case is so large it provide a lot of room to showcase various collectibles, a great way to display your action figures and figurines. Mirrored background to create a refreshing and lovely contrast. 9 glass removable shelves allow you to display either small or larger items. Finely sanded to achieve elegant and smooth surface. Brass hinges and door latches. Wall brackets on the back for hanging (wall mounted, anchor support accompanied). Hinged Glass door to protect from dust and damage. Dimensions: 29 3/4"H X 24 1/2"W X 3 3/4"D Weight (net): 33 lbs Interior: 28"H X 23.5"W X 2.75"D Distance Between Rows: 5 1/4" when install only 4 shelves. 2 5/8" when all 10 shelves installed.