Item# CN16

Versatile Floating Display Frame Case Stand Shadow Box for Challenge coin, Medals, Casino Poker Chip Display Case Stand - Black CN16


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Black Color Frame Versatile Display Case Frame Stand for Challenge Coins, Medals, Bottle Caps, Antique coins, arrow heads, small gemstones Item Number: CN16 Let your favorite items float ! Put your collector item in spot light by displaying it using this Magical frame. Simply open the frame, insert the object, close the frame and your set. The TWO transparent flexible membranes will gently surround and secure the flat object. This also gives the affect that the objects are floating before your eyes in the frame. The free standing plastic frames come with 2 feet and allows the objects to be viewed from both front and back of the frame. You can stand this vertically or horizontally. Suitable for coins, bullion, stamps, minerals, gems, fossils, trinkets, toys, medals, insignia, pocket watches, bottle caps and Bullets and any object that is no more than 2" thick and 0.5" thick. Overall size with feet: 9.5" x 3.5" x 1.75", Just the frame without the feet: 9.1" X 3.5" X 1.75"D Display Area: 8.7" x 2.7"