Item# JC01(UV)-MAH

Ultra Clear PRO UV Basketball, Football, Hockey Jersey Frame Uniform Display Case, Lockable (JC01)


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This jersey frame is would be excellent to showcase and display sports jersey. Hardwood frame present a elegant appearance. This would be an classy method displaying that special athletic jersey that you want to treasure. Fine fabric background to prevent friction between the backboard and the jersey. UV protection hinged acrylic door (as clear as glass) with built-in lock to protect from dust and damage. Hanger is included. This item hold regular size sport jersey. If you are unsure whether this would fit please lay the sport jersey flat on the surface and in the way you want to display. Then, compare to the interior dimension listed. Meaures 31.5"H X 24"W X 2"D. Inside Dimension: 30.5"H X 23"W X 1.25"D