Martial Art/Samurai Sword Display Case Holder Wall Cabinet, Hold 2 sword, KCS08(BLUE)-MAH


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Item shown above: Display case cabinet for 2 swords and scabbards. Blue felt background, with Mahogany Finish. 2 Sword and Scabbard Display Case Cabinet with UV Protection acrylic- Lockable Solid wood display case handcrafted with solid beechwood. A door keeps inquisitive fingers away, as well as dust! Felt fabric (BLUE) background to create a stunning display. This unique large solid hardwood cabinet is for displaying 2 large swords with their scabbards. Prefect for displaying samurai swords, and more. Please measure the guard of your swords to make they are not more than 3.2" width because the interior is only 3.2" deep. Moveable matching sword stand included. Brass hinges and door latches. The UV Acrylic door offers excellent protection against fading. Cabinet comes ready to be mounted to your wall. (swords shown are not included). Unit Weight: 15 lbs. This cabinet has installed sturdy built-in lock.