Item# LG-MH07-BL

Kid-Safe Toy LEGO Minifigures Miniatures Figurines Display Case Wall Cabinet Stand, Solid Wood (Black)


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Multi-purpose display case, with one side with dimples on the shelves for golf ball. Reverse it and you will get the flat shelves on the opposite side for minifigures and hot wheels toy cars. This solid furniture grade beech hardwood case features a UV protected acrylic door for keeping out dust and 4 shelves for displaying about 72 Minifigures when fully loaded. This case is prefect a perfect gift for kids. There the display case stand has a kid-safe acrylic panel which you slide in sideway from the front. The display case is wall mountable. You may also stand it on table top or counter top for easy access by the kid. If you want more safety simply remove the front panel and keep it away. Measurements: Exterior: 13"H X 21.5"W X 3"D, Interior depth: 2" . Shelf Height: 2.5"